Dhopahat Milan Sangha
About Us

DHOPAHAT MILAN SANGHA as a District Level Non-Government Voluntary Organization (NGO) in West Bengal.Dhopahat Milan Sangha is situated in very remote corner of Delta area. The Sangha has been continuing its social work among poor, distressed persons since 1978. The development, peace & sustainability are the main motto of the organization. The organization has been running above three decades for upliftments to the downtrodden people at the grass root level in mind of the people, by the people & for the people in collaboration and financial support with Central Government, State Government, non Government, and Foreign Government through different types of activities. Welcome to the site of DHOPAHAT MILAN SANGHA and a division of family, get membership with a little contribution and achieve the scope of amazing future career.
The state & central govt., non govt, different nodal agencies & foreign Institution should take care with kind heart of those distress persons of villages as well as reputed registered societies that they can take care of those persons.
I would be happy if the report can inspire intellectual people in general and specialists in particulars to look into our activities and get adequate insight.