Dispatch Monitoring System

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Our Dispatch Monitoring System (DMS) software is scalable & flexible to integrate with your entire business, adaptable to improve dispatch efficiency & helps in monitoring end-to-end dispatch operations.You can always know the real time location of your drivers with Dispatch monitoring app. DMS app is a low cost solution for monitoring the status of your ride, booking history, current location of your vehicle and ETA to the destination.

DMS system is having web application for booking and to perform other functions, one mobile app for system user to monitor whole dispatch of organization at his finger tip and one more mobile app for driver to perform the rides. This software will help you to automate processes, manage data and make your work easier.

Web Application

Web application is provided to perform actions in the system such as material selection, ride booking and many more. In web app, user can save all details regarding customer details, vehicle details, product details, packaging standards and fare rates.


DMS User

DMS user app provides user the live updates of total dispatch of the organization at his finger tips and even he can monitor it from home. DMS user app not only provides the data regarding ride status and bookings but also provides you with the live status of shortage of supply of finished goods as per customer demand. This feature helps you to enhance the dispatch efficiency.

DMS will provide you with arrival and departure alerts of vehicle by emailing notifications to your application, it also withholds a unique feature engineered to provide vehicle inconvenience alert through notification, which lets you know that the vehicle is facing issues of mechanical behaviour.

Types Of Models :
Available Mode

This will show the list of Vehicles that are currently available for bookings.

In Transit Mode

List of vehicles that are currently in journey towards the customer along with ETA and live location tracking.

Dwell Mode

List of vehicles which returning after delivery of material to the customer along with ETA and live location tracking.

Monitor Routes

The in transit mode in home page helps you with the monitoring section. You can tap on the vehicle among the in transit list which will present you with the eta to delivery and the location of vehicle as per real time.

Live Feed

This is a unique feature that will provide the user with live status of shortage of products supply Vs customer demand. Colour codes are provided for easy detection of shortage count that are critical and need immediate attention.

Current Booking

This page will provide you with data such as booking id, invoice, date of journey booking, analytics etc.., of ride that are currently in motion to customer delivery. This list will put you updated regarding the list of orders that hasn’t delivered at the customer yet.

Booking History

This page will have the list of all the logs of bookings that has been completed up to date along with other details such as total distance travelled by vehicle to reach at respective customer, time taken, and customer invoice.

Summary Report

An additional summary report will be generated each day to put you up to date in terms of number of trips of vehicle, total sales value, reports of vehicle occupancy and logistic cost. With this feature, the user can share the results of previous day activities related to dispatch with the team and can take relevant actions to avoid any further obstacles if occurred. This feature will help you to monitor and enhance dispatch efficiency.


Real Time Alerts

It gives the alerts when vehicle leaves the users location, once vehicle reaches the destination and also when it returns to the users location.

Customer Delight

DMS system sends the text message to the customer when vehicle departs from users location with details such as details of vehicle, time require to reach the customer location, invoice of material and google map link to track the vehicle live at anytime.

Real Time Tracking

Both user and customer can track the vehicle and details will be shown for time and distance require to reach at destination.

Vehicle Failure Alert

This system also withholds a unique feature engineered to provide vehicle inconvenience alert through notification, which lets you know that the vehicle is facing issues of mechanical behaviour.

Vehicle Occupancy and Logistic Cost Optimization

Based on the material and its quantity entered while billing DMS system will suggest the user which vehicle should be selected for delivery out of the available vehicles so as to deliver maximum amount of material with minimum logistic cost.

DMS Driver

DMS Driver is a smartphone app installed on the driver’s smartphone for driver location monitoring. The solution is perfect for transportation; delivery, safety, and emergency service where knowledge of delivery progress is important.

DMS leverages the location capabilities of the driver’s smartphone to broadcast location data to the dispatch portal. Dispatchers can select the destination as to where the delivery has to be done. Once the dispatcher completes booking, the driver will receive a request as to accept the ride or not. After responding to the ride request, the driver will gain features of routes to destination as per real time and ETA to reach the destination. In addition to this the app also provides the features of ride history of driver and documents display of vehicles and drivers such as insurance paper, licence, etc.

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